Teaching and Supervision

Kocku von Stuckrad has a strong commitment to teaching. He has taught more than 30 different courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level at the Universities of Bremen, Erfurt, Bayreuth, Amsterdam, and Groningen. Courses cover diverse topics such as: ‘Introduction to the Study of Religion,’ ‘Theory and Methodology in the Study of Religion,’ ‘History of Religion in Europe from Antiquity to the Present,’ as well as ‘Esoteric and Mystical Discourses in Historical Perspective.’ At the University of Groningen, he was instrumental in setting up the Master’s program “Concealed Knowledge: Gnosticism, Esotericism and Mysticism.” In addition, he was a guest lecturer at Lehigh University (USA), University of Bergen (Norway), and University of Cape Coast (Ghana).

In 2008, he received the Best Lecturer Award from the Department of Religious Studies, University of Amsterdam. In 2010, he again received the Best Lecturer Award, this time from the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Groningen.

For an overview of Kocku von Stuckrad’s classes in the academic year 2018-2019, please click here.

Supervision of Doctoral Research

Supervising doctoral research is one of the most important, and most rewarding, elements of professional academic work. Professor von Stuckrad has successfully supervised 5 PhD students and is currently supervising 11 PhD students. Find out more about these projects by clicking the links.

· Kholoud Al-Ajarma, “Mecca in Morocco: Negotiating the Meanings of Hajj in Everyday Life” (Groningen, co-supervision with Marjo Buitelaar)

· Giaccomo Baggio, “The Commentary on the Vimalakīrtinirdeśa by Sengzhao 僧肇 et alii : a Mirror on Medieval Chinese Buddhism” (Groningen, co-supervision with Stefania Travagnin)

· Brenda Bartelink, “Religion and Development” (Groningen, co-supervision with Marjo Buitelaar). Thesis defended March 2016.

· Marije Coster, “The Early Muslim Community: The Process of Self-Definition and Identity Formation” (Groningen, co-supervision with Gert Borg, Radboud University Nijmegen)

· Li Gang, “The Relationship between Islamic Law as Living Law and State/Official Law in China, both in Historical and Contemporary Contexts” (Groningen, co-supervision with Stefania Travagnin)

· Iis Istiqomah, “The Hadrami Arabs of Ambon: An Ethnographic Study of Diasporic Identity Construction in Everyday Life Practices” (Groningen, co-supervision with Marjo Buitelaar)

· Elizabeth Mudzimu, “Religious and Cultural Encounters in Development: Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in Zimbabwe” (Groningen, co-supervision with Joram Tarusarira)

· John O. Ojo, “Charismatic Leadership, Organizational Dynamics and the Growth of Independent Pentecostal Churches in Lagos Metropolis” (Groningen, co-supervision with Kim Knibbe)

· Christopher Plaisance, “Skrying in the Spirit Vision: Esoteric Discourse in the Writings of Benjamin Rowe” (Groningen, co-supervision with Egil Asprem, University of Stockholm)

· Tsila Rädecker, “Making Jews Dutch: Secular Discourse and Jewish Responses, 1796-1848” (Groningen, co-supervision with Karin Hofmeester). Thesis defended September 2015.

· Lea Schulte-Droesch, “Making Place through Ritual: Territory, Environment and Religion among the Santal of Middle India” (Groningen, co-supervision with Peter Berger). Thesis defended April 2016.

· Klaran Visscher, “Jozef Rulof and the Revelations of the ‘Age of Christ.’ New Religiosity in the Netherlands and the Crisis of Modernity in the Twentieth Century” (Groningen, co-supervision with Olav Hammer, University of Southern Denmark)

· Dave Vliegenthart, “A Modern Sage: Franklin Merrell-Wolff at the Crossroads of Religion, Philosophy, Psychology and Science” (Groningen, co-supervision with Ann Taves, University of Los Angeles Santa Barbara). Thesis defended “with distinction” March 2017.

· Laura J. Vollmer, “The Relationality of Religion and Science” (Groningen, co-supervision with Christoph Jedan). Thesis defended June 2017.

· Daniel Waller, “The Jewish Magical Historiola: A Study in Late Antique Religious Formation” (Groningen, co-supervision with Mladen Popovic)

· Jelle Wiering, “Sexuality, religion, and secularism” (Groningen, co-supervision with Kim Knibbe)